We Are the Best In Beef Jerky. Period.

We all love beer ... and we all love beef jerky! But there's nothing better than Schrockbier Smokehouse's tender, flavorful beef jerky. Marinated in dark beer, and slowly fire dried the old fashioned way! It's the taste all cowboys know and love!


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Dried with Fire

Dehydrating Beef Causes a Loss of Nutrients. We Slow Dry Our Beef With Heat to Lock in All Key Nutrients!

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Locally Sourced, High Quality Ingredients

Our Products are Produced Right Here In Kansas With Real, Quality Ingredients!

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Made With Dark Beer

We're the Only Company to Marinate our Jerky in Dark Beer - Giving It a Unique, Flavorful Taste!

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Operating For A Cause

A percentage of the prices always goes back to God for missionary work, Christian charities and events to help spread the word of God.


Christian Schrock has more than 30 years experience with smoking foods. He started young, and learned most everything he knows from his father, Jerry Schrock.

The Name Schrockbier derives from blending his fathers last name, "Schrock," and his mother's maiden name "Casebier".

Christian and his wife, Kimberly, started the business in their hometown of Emporia, Kansas. They pride themselves of making beef jerky the old-fashioned way, with real ingredients!

Co-Owner Christian Schrock

Christian Schrock

I am a devoted follower of Christ and Christianity. I have had a very personal relationship with God for a very long time.

I joined the military as a security specialist in 1990, right out of high school. I am now a retired veteran of Desert Storm. After leaving the military I became a sheriff’s deputy, working in law enforcement for approximately 8 years before transferring to court security for another 5 years. I then became a nuclear security specialist for Wolf Creek for 14 years, before recently retiring.

My wife and I now own and operate the Schrockbier Old Smokehouse beef jerky business that I started in 2018.

My smoking experience goes back many years to when I was young and watching my father. I continued smoking meats into my adult years. In 2016, I started making beef jerky. I tried many different recipes – trying to find the perfect one. Eventually I decided to try replacing the water in the recipe with dark beer. That is when I knew I had perfected beef jerky!

Since then the business has grown and grown. And because of my love for God we have began using this business to help spread the word of God. My wife Kimberly and I have been married 5 years and have 2 children that live at home and 4 that do not. We are very devoted to God and we have been studying and promoting Christianity for several years now.

Co-Owner Kimberly Schrock

Kimberly Schrock

I am a daughter of the great King Jesus! He rescued me from a life of destruction at a young age. I owe my life to Him the Great Almighty! My goal is to continue His Great commission!

Matthew 28:19-20
Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

I come from a military family, so I have lived in a lot of states, as well as overseas, in Turkey for a couple of years.
I grew up in a Catholic home for many years, my only friend growing up was Jesus. He was my best friend, sense we moved around so much I really could not keep friends in my life, but Jesus went everywhere with me.
At 13, I had a dream about the End times. Jesus showed me the things to come, and then ascended into heaven and sat at the foot of God and spoke to me.
A tragedy happened to me at age 15 and I fell away, far away from God. I went on a life of drugs, drinking, suicide attempts, 2 overdoses, 2 young marriages, a single mother with 4 children, to homelessness.
God showed up and redeemed me from the grips of Hell, restored me instantly.
Years later I met my Husband Christian, we were married April 13th, 2015, I watched my husband grow into a man after Gods heart. I watched God mold him into a great caring obedient man of God.
I believe God inspired him with this recipe and smoking meat. And because of this gift from God we can reach the unreachable with His word on every package that is bought.


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