Helping Others GET Closer To God

Our purpose in life is to know god, and help bring others to know him. We travel around the country sharing God's Word in hopes of bettering lives around the world, the way God has bettered ours!

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Spread The Word Of God

Our #1 goal in life is to bring others closer to God. We meet with people all over the country to teach them about Christianity, in hopes that they too can become followers of Christ, and continue to spread his word.

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Feed The Homeless

We travel to cities where the homeless population is large. We then invite anyone who may be in need of food to come out and connect with us, and get a warm lunch while they are at it! We are able to do this thanks to the donations we get, as well as our beef jerky sales.

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Bring Churches Together

In today's world, Christianity is split up into many different denominations. This can be extremely overwhelming for newcomers - looking to learn about Christ. At the core, all Christian religions have the same basic principals - and that is what we want to bring to light.


Fourth Post Coming Soon

Fourth Post Coming Soon

Kimberly Schrock
October 26, 2020

We are currently in the works of writing this blog post.

Fifth Post Coming Soon

Fifth Post Coming Soon

Christian Schrock
February 6, 2021

We are currently in the works of writing this blog post.

Variety Pack

Variety Pack

Want to try a little bit of every thing? Then the variety pack is perfect for you!

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To support our cause, you can help us by donating to the funds that make it possible to complete our great commision!